Thursday, November 24, 2011

Human Limit ( Had Manusia ) ^_^

Salam is my first time writing my entry in english and if have any grammar error, I am sorry.. ^_^ . Today I would like to share something that you wouldn't expect. Maybe you want to know What is Human Limit? 

Before that I would like to share you a story about human limit. A 64 years old Duluth woman fell on the ice last December. Arthritis kept her from getting up. She lay in the snow for hours. Her temperature dipped to 70˚F. Her heart stopped. She should have been a goner. But doctors revived her, today she is fine.

Medical science is always learning more about how much a body can take. Yet as Duke University physician Claude Piantadosi notes, "At some point it's impossible to rescue yourself." Here's current thinking on the extremes of human endurance.

Body Heat ( 107.6˚F )
When core body temperature hits 107.6˚F, heatstroke can't be reversed and prove fatal.

Cold Water ( 40˚F )
Water saps body heat. You'd last barely 30 minutes in a 40˚F sea. Life vest buoy you up to slow heat loss.

Hot Air ( 300˚F )
In a burning building or deep mine, adults can take 10 minutes at 300˚F. Kids soon succumb in a 120 car.

High Altitude ( 15000 feet )
Consciousness fades for most. With bigger lungs and more blood cells, highland dwellers are OK.

Diving Deep ( 282 feet )
Without equipment, most folks black out before 2 minutes and below 60 feet. The best free diver made it to 282 feet.

Lack of Oxygen ( 11 minutes )
Typically, you'd pass out within 2 minutes. With training, people can hold their breath nearly 11 minutes.

Blood Loss ( 40% )
You can survive after spilling 30 percent. At 40 percent, you'd need an immediate transfusion.

Starvation ( 45 days )
Lose 30 percent of body weight and death is imminent, trough disease will likely kill you before you starve.

Dehydration ( 7 days )
Every cell needs water. Replace the quart or so you lose daily, or you won't last much more than a week.

#Most number are estimates for a 150-pound male with no special gear
*National Geographic

That's all what I want to share for you and I hope we will meet again in another entry..TAKE CARE
Wasalam.. :)

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